Ventana Campground FAQs

Can I choose my campsite?

We do our best to accommodate requests. However, we are unable to guarantee a specific site.

How many cars can each campsite accommodate?

Each campsite can accommodate one vehicle. Overflow parking is available at Cadillac Flats.

Can I bring my RV or trailer?

Ventana Campground cannot accommodate RVs, motor homes, travel trailers or pop-up tent trailers.

Can I bring my camper van?

We do accept camper vans and trucks with roof tents or small campers on top, provided the vehicle is no longer than 22 feet.

Do I have to worry about bears?

Fortunately, we do not have to worry about bear-proofing in our campground. However, crows and squirrels will aggressively invade your campsite if unsecured food is left unattended. Please be sure to appropriately store your food and trash.

Does the temperature drop below freezing?

Although it can be cold at night and in the winter, because of our location (close to the ocean, low altitude, and not far enough north), temperatures do not drop below freezing. However, campers should always be prepared for large temperature swings and intense rains, even in the summer.

Are showers available?

Yes. They cost $2 for every 5 minutes.

Do you sell firewood?

Yes. Firewood costs $11 per bundle.

Do you sell ice?

We do not sell ice.

Does the campground have WiFi?

We do not offer WiFi for campers. Glampers do have access to wireless internet.

Can campers access Ventana Big Sur resort facilities?

Resort facilities are reserved for the use of glampers and resort guests only.

Can campers pay extra to use the glamping Bath House?

The glamping Bath House is reserved for the use of glamping guests only.

Can campers access the restaurant?

Yes! Both The Sur House and the Big Sur Smokehouse are open to the public.


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